Friday, October 17, 2014

Week 2 Flag Football Rankings

Let the debate begin...

 Before we get started, let us state this disclaimer. These rankings do not represent the views of the Jag Intramural Staff or employees. So please don't stalk officials and staff members about rankings and such. 

Now, ladies and gentlemen, we're proud to present the first flag football rankings of the season. Each week we will post the top 10 teams in our program. Plus, a handful of opinions to keep you coming back for more. Every week a new set of rankings will be posted at noon on Fridays. So let's dive on in to the first rankings of the year.

Number next to teams indicate first place votes out of 100.

#1 Da Truth (0-0) [65]
 The back-to-back, reigning, defending, undisputed champs open the year at the top of our rankings despite not having a game this week. It's hard not to imagine the championship going through Rodney and the boys. Especially with his big receiver Justin Harris on the end. Playing on a soft Monday night, anything short of an undefeated regular season will be view as a failure.

#2 Head Hunters (1-0) [35]
They find themselves in the second position after securing the best win of the opening week against the redzone champs, Snuggle Buddies. Quarterback Erick Brockman scored three touchdowns and intercepted three balls. Locked in a competitive Sunday night league, this team will be one to watch.

 #3 Don't Laugh You're Next (1-0)
A predictable 26-0 victory for last year's winner-up. After letting the title slip away in the final seconds of last year's championship, you have to figure that this team is hungry for the top spot. Arguably the most talented squad in the program, their main threat might be very well themselves.

 #4 The NFL (1-0)
Coming off of a 19-6 win over Back That Pass Up, The NFL played like the boys on Sunday afternoons. Displaying a ball-hawking defense, they were as impressive as the throwback jerseys they wear. Plus, they tailgate with grills and music. Who doesn't love that!

 #5 Bullet (1-0)
How about a shutout to open the season? But this team brings a versatile offensive to the table as well with five players recording touchdowns in their 30-0 victory over Second String. With veterans such as James Norris and Kyle Broadus, they should be able to navigate through a tough Sunday league.

#6 Vicious and Delicious (2-0)
Two satisfying victories in week 1 puts them near the middle of our top 10. Averaging 28.5 points per game, which is good for eighth overall in the program, this offense is lead by quarterback Brady Paulk. Located in an easy Tuesday night league, this could be a team to float under the radar until playoffs.

#7 Pilger Insurance Agency (1-0) 
Maybe their ranking is based on reputation, but we're still confident putting them here in the rankings. John Pilger threw four touchdowns in a 26-12 victory over The Immortals. In the sunset of the intramural careers, Pilger and the boys are at their best when doubted.

#8 We Might Win (1-0)
 Keilan Yancey threw three touchdowns in their season debut. Phillip Pugh gives Yancey a great receiver on the outside and they have plenty of experience in big time games. However, playing in a league with Pilger and Don't Laugh might make them third best on Wednesdays.

#9 Snuggle Buddies (0-1)
Change the name, lose a game. In week 1, they played like the stuff animal etched across their chest. Soft and cute. Only scoring seven points is not good enough for this veteran team. Maybe it's time to head back to drawing board. Or maybe it's time to hang it up. Lucky for them, they have the whole season to decide.

#10 Team Face (1-0)
Entering the final spot of the poll off of an impressive 20-14 victory over The Green Team, Team Face is off to another solid start. Arthur "Ruffio" Young and his squad have years of experience in the program and they should be in the mix for the Sunday Night title.

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