Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Basketball Registration! 


Attention! Attention!  Basketball Registration is ongoing! Come by the field house today to sign up your team. We have Men's, Women's, Co-Rec, and Shortman for all of your basketball needs and wants. Games vary from Sunday nights through Thursday nights so there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to accommodate your schedule. We're here from 2 to 6pm for the rest of the week and through next Tuesday accepting teams. So let's make it happen guys!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We're Getting Ready...How About You?

The school year is approaching fast and the Intramural Staff as been hard at work getting new and fun sports for everyone to try. We also are getting our calendar finalized so that you will know when and where to sign up your teams during the year. Stop by the Intramural Field House weekdays from 2 to 5pm if you have any questions. Remember to add us as a friend on Facebook for upcoming events and follow us on twitter for witty sports banter. 

"We're ready...Are you?" 
- Jag  

Monday, October 17, 2011

Waterpolo Registration!

Attention Intramural Athletes! Waterpolo Registration is still happening right now. The cost for a team is a $25 dollar entry fee and $25 dollar forfeit fee (if you've signed up a team for any other sports this semester then you do not need the $25 forfeit check unless your team has forfeited). Come to the Intramural Field House from 2 to 5pm this week and get in the game!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Predicitions for Sunday (Oct. 16)

Alright, Vegas has your picks for another great night of Sunday Night Flag.

Team Face v J.A.B.
Two teams that lost their opening game of the season. Vegas doesn't feel that Team Face is as good as they were in years past. J.A.B. 21-19

Lockdown v Orange Cannons
The men of Orange were impressive last week. However, Lockdown was better. Vegas has a guarantee. Chip's Guarantee- Lockdown 27-13

Bravehearts v Pilger Insurance Agency
For the first time in years, Pilger and company starts the season with a loss in week 1. Vegas likes for them to get back on track this week. Pilger Insurance Agency 33-20

Carne Mucks v I'm a man I'm 40
Sorry I'm a man, you disappointed Vegas last week. Carne Mucks will win tonight. Carne Mucks 20-12

Southboyz v Why So Green
We like Why So Green to upset Ricky Ruffin in this matchup. Why So Green 19-12

Blue Chips v Hitmen
A matchup of very even teams. We'll take Hitmen because of their experience in this pivotal game. Hitmen 27-13

Team Murica v U.H.H.
Team Murica is an underrated team in the other Sunday night league. Vegas is on the bandwagon. Team Murica 28-19

Rigmas v Funntasia
The Champs were impressive in the season opener. Vegas likes them big in this matchup. Chip's Guarantee- Funntasia 32-18

The Spectators v Hurricane Ditka
The Spectators were spectacular in their opener. No chance Hurricane Ditka. The Spectators 12-7

7 Guys 1 Cup v Forget About It
7 Guys is the only team that is 1-1 on Sunday nights. We like them to get to 2-1. 7 Guys 1 Cup 26-7

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Predictions for Thursday (Oct.13)

Week 1 has been great so far and the action continues Thursday as Women's, Corec, and Men's leagues all take the field.

Chip's got your picks for Thursday!

Phi Mu v Chi Omega
A battle of the pink of Phi Mu versus the red of Chi O. We like the red a little stronger in this matchup, baby. Chi O 18-6

Kappa Delta v AOPI
We like KD to win this game pretty convincingly thanks to Claire Griffin at quarterback. Chip's Guarantee-KD 21-7

X-Rated v Destroyhers
Chip loves athletic women, baby! And this matchup features a bounty of them. Vegas will take defending champs in a close one. Destroyhers 21-20

Profound Spheres v The Banshee Roosters
Profound is a solid team that will contend for their league title this year. Sorry roosters, not this week. Chip's Guarantee-Profound Spheres 28-13

Young Gunz v Angry Birds
Vegas thinks the birds will be shot down this week by the guns. Or gunz. Whatever. Young Gunz 34-12

Snapback Kings v BAPA's
Trust Vegas, baby. This game will be the game of the night. Two very even teams that should be a factor in the league championship. We'll take Snapback in overtime. Snapback Kings 34-33

The Fly Times Bomb Squad v BCM Fighting Gnomes
Vegas loves the boys of Gnomes, but they might be outmatched in this contest. The Fly Times Bomb Squad 20-14

The Mob-Town Hogies v Caucasian Overload
Can too much Caucasian be a bad thing? I won't answer that. Hogies win. The Mob-Town Hogies 28-6

Tu Madre v We Might Win
I love the confidence from We Might Win. Vegas thinks they will win. We Might Win 19-12

BCM Fighting Gnomes v Catholic Martyrs
Alright, Christian rivalry. Vegas has been debating this question for a while. Catholic or Baptist. For the game, we'll take the Pope's team. Catholic Martyrs 18-6

Your Mom v Kicking Aspirin
We think Kicking Aspirin will kick your mom!!! If you get what Vegas means, baby! Kicking Aspirin 23-16

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Predictions for Wednesday (Oct. 12)

Hump day, baby!

Chip's got your pick to get you over the hump to finish your week.

Pikes and Chicks v Hot Shots
P & C is one of those solid franchises that is usually a solid bet each and every season. Therefor, Vegas will stay solid with his pick. Chip's Guarantee-Pikes and Chicks 29-13

Multiple Organisms v Hot Shots
This will be the second game in the row for the Hot Shots. We like them to carry over a little bit of momentum in this one. Hot Shots 21-6

VSA v Com Fiesta
VSA's pass rush is one of the best in the program year in and year out. They get great pressure, and that's why they'll win this game. VSA 15-6

Seismic Wave v Sonic Hedgehogs
For everyone that grew up in the 90's, great name Sonic. For that reason, we'll go with the speed against the wave. Sonic Hedgehogs 9-0

AED Butchers v The Muffin Stuffers
Vegas thinks the muffin men will get the better of the butchers in this one, baby. Although AED will be improved from previous seasons. The Muffin Stuffers 21-20

Sigma Chi B v The Bird is the Word
Taylor Noon's team enters this contest off of the momentum of a semifinal appearance in last year's playoffs. However, Sigma Chi B is a solid weekday team. Vegas will take The Bird in a close bout. The Bird is the Word 28-27

Green Monkeys v Tap that Pass
Once again, Chip loves the 90's reference with the Legends of the Hidden Temple. If you don't know, get on YouTube on discover gold. Green Monkeys 21-7

Ray's Boom Boom Room v The Justice League
Again, I love the names in this league. However, Vegas is vague when it comes to this matchup. Let's go Ray's over justice. Ray's Boom Boom Room 26-13

Sigma Chi B v First 48
This one will be a matchup of experience versus talent. We'll take the experience in week 1. Sigma Chi B 19-13

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Predictions for Tuesday (Oct. 11)

Prediction time as we put the Tuesday night leagues in the spotlight.

Take it away, Chip.

The Grove v Wildcats
This one will be a great matchup. Two very experienced teams squaring off as the jocking for position in this league begins week 1. Vegas will take the Wildcats on a last minute score. Wildcats 20-19

RUF v Pilger Insurance Agency
It's going to be a rough outing for RUF in this one, baby. Pilger and company will roll in this Corec mismatch. It's a guarantee. Chip's Guarantee- Pilger Insurance Agency 35-9

AASA v Orange Cannons
AASA has more talent in this matchup, but Orange Cannons is as solid as a team as you'll find. We don't see AASA pulling it all together in Week 1. Orange Cannons 27-15

Back that Pass Up v Palpaters
Chip is a big fan of Clay and the Palpaters. That's why Vegas will put another guarantee on the board. Chip's Guarantee- Palpaters 30-20

Pup-N-Suds v Second and Short
This one is a toss up for Vegas and the boys. Two rookies team that we don't know that much about. We'll take Second and Short. Second and Short 26-7

Mighty Micos v Show me the Nattys
On paper, Vegas sees this one as a mismatch, baby. Mighty Micos needs more weapons than they have to win this one. Show me the Nattys 28-14

Sigma Chi Pledges v USA Com 2015
This game doesn't interest Vegas much, baby. However, my contract forces me to pick it. I'll take the 2015 boys in this contest. USA Com 2015 12-6

Air Force ROTC v Recliners 2.0
On paper, this game looks like athletic miltiary men versus lazy couch potato men. But this is why Vegas makes the big bucks, baby. Recliners 2.0 20-13

RUF v Lifeguards
We think RUF gets a little vengeance from their Corec game against Pilger Insurance Agency. Sorry lifeguards, I only trust you in the water. RUF 13-0

Monday, October 10, 2011

Predictions for Monday (Oct. 10)

The SN Poll is a private ranking system that is not associate in any way with the USA Intramurals Staff. It doesn't reflect the views of the Intramural staff, so please don't bring any grievances to them.

Here we go!!! These are Chip "Vegas" Bay's predictions, so enjoy!

First Down Syndicate v Gamebreakers
Let's start it off with a guarantee. Vegas was 3-0 on his guarantees Sunday, baby. Gamebreakers will begin their run through this league, tonight. Chip's Lock- Gamebreakers 42-13

Bad Medicine v Team Pup-N-Suds
Chip took some bad medicine one time. Aspirin and alcohol doesn't mix, baby. Team Pup-N-Suds 28-14

Show Me Ya Td's v The Jasons
I think Show Me Ya Td's will show themselves a lot tonight. Sorry The Jasons, not tonight. Show Me Ya Td's 20-6

Com Fiesta v Weaver's Beavers
Vegas likes names that rhyme, baby. I'll take the rookies in this matchup. Weaver's Beavers 28-22

Southern Swag v Palpaters
Not enough swagger against the Palpaters tonight. Guarantee baby!!! Chip's Lock- Palpaters 48-30

Jaguar Knight v Jaguar Productions
The battle of the Jaguars on homecoming week. This one is a coin flip. Jaguar Productions 7-6

Spiral Grove v Southern Swag
Swagger gets their revenge in this game as Spiral Grove will spiral out of control. Southern Swag 21-7

Summer Basketball League v AED Butchers
Guess what? This team can play flag football too. And in the fall. They roll tonight. Summer Basketball League 30-6

Friday, October 7, 2011

Predictions for Sunday (Oct. 9 2011)

After a two year hiatus, we're bringing back what the masses have demanded: SPORTS BEANS!!

No, predictions, predictions, predictions.

And we have added a special member to our blog staff that knows the lines better than anyone.

Introducing our Vegas Insider: Chip "Vegas" Bay!!!!!.

Each week, Chip will predict every flag football game on the Jag Intramural schedule.

Disclaimer time, The SN Poll is a private ranking system that is not associate in any way with the USA Intramurals Staff. It doesn't reflect the views of the Intramural staff, so please don't bring any grievances to them.

So with out further ado, take it away Chip!!!

KA v Sigma Chi
Great matchup to open the season, but I got Sigma Chi the dawgs in this throwdown. KA too much for Chi, KA 27-13

Pike v Pi Kappa Phi
Again another fairly even matchup. Pike has the edge on defense, Pi Kappa Phi has the edge on offense. I've always like offense better. Trust Vegas baby, Pi Kappa Phi 20-6

J.A.B. v Rigmas
Vegas isn't into the names, baby. But I'm not here to talk names, J.A.B.'s got the talent, Rigmas got the system. Athletes win in primetime, J.A.B. 29-28

TKE v Kappa Sigma
Here we go. I've got a guarantee for you. Bet the money, your girlfriend's money, and your future kids trust fund on this one. Chip Guarantee- TKE 35-12

Lockdown v Pilger Insurance Agency
The boys and I have been back and forth on this matchup. I'm going with the gut on this one, so I'll take the experience. Pilger 26-20

Southboyz v Hitmen
The battle of the balding is what I'll call this battle. The Bengay will be in full effect after this, baby. We think Southboyz has the barber's edge in this contest. Southboyz 13-6

Forget About It v Team Murica
Good luck if your putting a bet down on this one. This puppy looks even down the middle. Let's take the newcomers. Team Murica 35-29

Orange Cannons v Blue-Chips
Vegas has lost their faith in the Men of Orange. They were garbage in the 2nd half of the season, and I see no signs of improvement. Blue Chips 15-7

Team Face v Bravehearts
You know, a year or two ago this would've been a must-see matchup. Now it's just a spot where I'll lay down another guarantee. Team Face is in mega-trouble. Chip Guarantee- Bravehearts 21-14

I'm a Man, I'm 40 v 7 Guys 1 Cup
Before we go further, kudos to the I'm a Man crew on a great name. Chip digs the ranting postgame coaches. For that reason, your my pick. I'm a Man 20-6

Funntasia v Why So Green?
Here's my last guarantee. Funntasia will make Why So Green? answer its own name in a blowout. Mark it down. Funntasia 33-14

U.H.H. v The Spectators
Another coin flip for the boys and Vegas. This week the coin lands on The Spectators. The Spectators 7-0

Hurricane Ditka v Carne Mucks
News flash, Carne Mucks will chew Ditka and spit them out this week. Vegas likes Carne. Carne Mucks 28-20

Keep a look out for the rest of the picks for the week!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

SN Poll

Here we go! A new flag football season is about to kickoff, and what better to way to celebrate than by unveiling the 2011 preseason SN Poll!

For those unfamiliar with the SN Poll, what is wrong with you!!!!

If you want to find the elite teams in the program, this is the place to go.

Before we continue, let's put out this disclaimer. The SN Poll is a private ranking system that is not associate in any way with the USA Intramurals Staff. It doesn't reflect the views of the Intramural staff, so please don't bring any grievances to them.

Now let's revealed the preseason top 10!!!


1) Funntasia (98)
The defending champions enter the season at the top of the mountain. However, instead of being the hunters, they are now the hunted. This isn't the same team from last year. GM and Coach Rick Kickler has had a busy off season adding Anton Graphenreed and others. We'll see if they can mesh all of the parts together to create another championship machine.

2) Pilger Insurance Agency (1)
There are two things you know you're going to get with this team each year: flag football dominance and great insurance coverage. On the gridiron, they are in the mix every year. However, can they get over the hump this year to take home the title.

3) Lockdown (1)
They won the preseason tournament (redzone) against a shorthanded Funntasia squad. What was once part of solid Orange Cannons team has now split apart, and become a new contender for the crown.

4) Southboyz
When they play to their potential, Ricky Ruffin and company are tough to beat. No one saw the playoff run that they blazed last season all the way to Championship game. However, age is an issue for this team.

5) Young Gunz
A ton of questions surround this team after their 1st round disaster in the playoffs last season. Still we think they have the most talent of the weekday teams. However, if they slip, the fall could be drastic.

6) Gamebreakers
The Champs from two years ago should run through their Monday night league on their way to a high playoff ranking. They still have the foundation from that title team, thus making them a team to keep on the radar.

7) Palpaters
With Clay Thomley at quarterback, this team will be in every game they play this season. They can stretch the field vertically with the pass, and are one of the more smarter teams in the program.

8) Bravehearts
This team spent the most weeks at number one in the polls last year. They had a deep playoff run last season, but can they return to that dominace once again. They'll have to do it in the Sunday night gauntlet.

9) JAB
They were the best team in the preseason up until their meltdown against KA. If they can fix their team chemistry, they will be a factor on Sunday nights. If not, they will be an overrated talented failure.

10) TKE
Normally, fraternities lack the talent that the other dominate teams have, but not this year. The Frat league is up this year, and we believe TKE has the edge. They have great team chemistry, and enough talent to claim the last spot in the poll this week.


1) Summer Basketball League (42)

2) Pilger's Insurance Agency (41)

3) Palpaters (17)

4) Wildcats

5) Pike and Chicks

Keep your eye out for our weekly predictions as we predict every single game this season!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Soccer and Redzone Registration

The time is not near, it's here!

It's time to lace up those cletes once again, because Jag Intramurals is back and better than ever.

The fastest growing sport in the program is coming to a pitch near you. Think you can capture the magnificent, the glory, the pagentry that is soccer.
Answer the call!!!

Redzone Flag Football
Our version of preseason flag football is on the horizon. This is your chance to install your playbooks and make those final roster cuts.
Answer the call!!!

Registration begins Monday, August 29, at the Intramural Fieldhouse. For more info, call 461-1627.

Answer the call!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Behind the Plate: Championship Edition

Congrats to Funntasia and Tropics for taking home the 2011 softball championships. In what was an exciting Men's Championship Series, Funntasia defeated Palpaters in two out of three games. Tropics made easy work of the Supinators to win back-to-back titles.

Shout out goes to the men on the Corec Supinators who also play for Palpaters for making it to both championships.

And a congratulations to Rick Kichler and Aaron Witten for capturing their sixth and fourth softball titles of their careers respectively.

See you next year!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Behind the Plate: Playoff Preview

The end is not near, it's here. Selection Monday has come and past, and now the brackets are set. So get those pencils and brackets ready, and let's breakdown the 2011 playoff picture.

Vegas Odds
Coming into the season, Funntasia was the preseason favorite after a crushing defeat in the championship series. So far, they have not disappointed with a Sunday's Men's League Title and the number 1 seed. However, momentum has stalled after suffering a 13-12 loss to Jab in their season finale.
Odds- 8-5

Palpaters has to be the surprise of the season so far. With a 5-1 record, they won the Wednesday night CoRec league over defending champions Tropics. Their reward for winning their league, number #1 overall seed in the playoffs.
Odds- 4-1

Bracket Busters


The People Who Can Hit The Ball Really Far and James- Like their name says, they can hit the ball well. This team might have enough offense to challenge for the title.

Longstrokers- Once again, they have enough offense to make a run through the brackets.

Jab- With the addition of "Big Time" Tim Gould, they are a contender to make it to the championship series.


Knight Riders- They know how to have success in the tournament as they made it to the corec finals last season.

Dem People- They have some of the best girls in the tournament. They will be a team to be to reckon with this year.

Major League Comparison
Ever wonder what MLB team, your squad compares too. Check out list:

Funntasia- New York Yankees
Orange Cannons- Baltimore Orioles
JAB- Boston Red Sox
Longstrokers- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Profound Spheres- Toronto Blue Jays

We've consulted with the magical softball, and it spit out these two predictions.

We like Funntasia to win the Men's Championship Series over JAB in a two-game sweep.
We like Dem People to upset Tropics in the CoRec title match.

Good Luck Batters!!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Behind the Plate


We are one week away from playoffs, and the action is heating up. Last week, prohibited favorites, Funntasia and Tropics both went down. In case you missed it, check out Palpaters giving the defending Corec champs, Tropics, their first defeat of the season.

Point Differential

One of the ways to see who's bats are on fire is by point differential. A stat that shows how much a team has dominated this season. So let's see who leads the pack,

1) Funntasia and Cool Kids 42
3) Orange Cannons 37
4) The Inhibitors and Tropics 33

It should come to no surprise that three out of five teams are in first place in their respective leagues. Just a stat to watch to see whose flying under the radar.

Stop Slamming My Helmets!!!
It has come to the attention of many of the intramural staff that are few of our prized helmets have cracks in them. Why? Well, this can be trace to angry batters flinging their helmets into the ground with incredible velocity.

Here's the deal. The helmet is not why you grounded out! The helmet is not why you popped up to second. The helmet is not why you were struck out by a 95 pound girl! Maybe if you threw that energy into hitting the ball, you would be able to wear the helmet long enough to touch home plate as you score a run!

Say my Name, Say my Name
One thing we appreciate here on the blog is creativity. So here are the five best softball team names this year:

5) Common Denomination Domination- I guarantee you can't say that five times fast.

4) Dauphin Island Sea Dogs- Dogs usually don't swim in the sea, but bears aren't found in the bay either.

3) The People who can hit the ball really far & James- You gotta step it up James!

2) The Great White Buffalo- Random, but effective

1) Diamond Cats- They have great shirts as well.

3 Strikes

1. Pitching is underhand, but can be mental as well.

2. Watch where you park your vehicles for fly balls.

3. We appreciate a good diving catch every now and then.

That's it for this week, we're out.

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