Friday, October 7, 2011

Predictions for Sunday (Oct. 9 2011)

After a two year hiatus, we're bringing back what the masses have demanded: SPORTS BEANS!!

No, predictions, predictions, predictions.

And we have added a special member to our blog staff that knows the lines better than anyone.

Introducing our Vegas Insider: Chip "Vegas" Bay!!!!!.

Each week, Chip will predict every flag football game on the Jag Intramural schedule.

Disclaimer time, The SN Poll is a private ranking system that is not associate in any way with the USA Intramurals Staff. It doesn't reflect the views of the Intramural staff, so please don't bring any grievances to them.

So with out further ado, take it away Chip!!!

KA v Sigma Chi
Great matchup to open the season, but I got Sigma Chi the dawgs in this throwdown. KA too much for Chi, KA 27-13

Pike v Pi Kappa Phi
Again another fairly even matchup. Pike has the edge on defense, Pi Kappa Phi has the edge on offense. I've always like offense better. Trust Vegas baby, Pi Kappa Phi 20-6

J.A.B. v Rigmas
Vegas isn't into the names, baby. But I'm not here to talk names, J.A.B.'s got the talent, Rigmas got the system. Athletes win in primetime, J.A.B. 29-28

TKE v Kappa Sigma
Here we go. I've got a guarantee for you. Bet the money, your girlfriend's money, and your future kids trust fund on this one. Chip Guarantee- TKE 35-12

Lockdown v Pilger Insurance Agency
The boys and I have been back and forth on this matchup. I'm going with the gut on this one, so I'll take the experience. Pilger 26-20

Southboyz v Hitmen
The battle of the balding is what I'll call this battle. The Bengay will be in full effect after this, baby. We think Southboyz has the barber's edge in this contest. Southboyz 13-6

Forget About It v Team Murica
Good luck if your putting a bet down on this one. This puppy looks even down the middle. Let's take the newcomers. Team Murica 35-29

Orange Cannons v Blue-Chips
Vegas has lost their faith in the Men of Orange. They were garbage in the 2nd half of the season, and I see no signs of improvement. Blue Chips 15-7

Team Face v Bravehearts
You know, a year or two ago this would've been a must-see matchup. Now it's just a spot where I'll lay down another guarantee. Team Face is in mega-trouble. Chip Guarantee- Bravehearts 21-14

I'm a Man, I'm 40 v 7 Guys 1 Cup
Before we go further, kudos to the I'm a Man crew on a great name. Chip digs the ranting postgame coaches. For that reason, your my pick. I'm a Man 20-6

Funntasia v Why So Green?
Here's my last guarantee. Funntasia will make Why So Green? answer its own name in a blowout. Mark it down. Funntasia 33-14

U.H.H. v The Spectators
Another coin flip for the boys and Vegas. This week the coin lands on The Spectators. The Spectators 7-0

Hurricane Ditka v Carne Mucks
News flash, Carne Mucks will chew Ditka and spit them out this week. Vegas likes Carne. Carne Mucks 28-20

Keep a look out for the rest of the picks for the week!!!

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Anonymous said...

Pike won 13-7
Defense wins championships