Sunday, October 16, 2011

Predicitions for Sunday (Oct. 16)

Alright, Vegas has your picks for another great night of Sunday Night Flag.

Team Face v J.A.B.
Two teams that lost their opening game of the season. Vegas doesn't feel that Team Face is as good as they were in years past. J.A.B. 21-19

Lockdown v Orange Cannons
The men of Orange were impressive last week. However, Lockdown was better. Vegas has a guarantee. Chip's Guarantee- Lockdown 27-13

Bravehearts v Pilger Insurance Agency
For the first time in years, Pilger and company starts the season with a loss in week 1. Vegas likes for them to get back on track this week. Pilger Insurance Agency 33-20

Carne Mucks v I'm a man I'm 40
Sorry I'm a man, you disappointed Vegas last week. Carne Mucks will win tonight. Carne Mucks 20-12

Southboyz v Why So Green
We like Why So Green to upset Ricky Ruffin in this matchup. Why So Green 19-12

Blue Chips v Hitmen
A matchup of very even teams. We'll take Hitmen because of their experience in this pivotal game. Hitmen 27-13

Team Murica v U.H.H.
Team Murica is an underrated team in the other Sunday night league. Vegas is on the bandwagon. Team Murica 28-19

Rigmas v Funntasia
The Champs were impressive in the season opener. Vegas likes them big in this matchup. Chip's Guarantee- Funntasia 32-18

The Spectators v Hurricane Ditka
The Spectators were spectacular in their opener. No chance Hurricane Ditka. The Spectators 12-7

7 Guys 1 Cup v Forget About It
7 Guys is the only team that is 1-1 on Sunday nights. We like them to get to 2-1. 7 Guys 1 Cup 26-7

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Team murica ROLL TIDE