Monday, April 25, 2011

Behind the Plate: Playoff Preview

The end is not near, it's here. Selection Monday has come and past, and now the brackets are set. So get those pencils and brackets ready, and let's breakdown the 2011 playoff picture.

Vegas Odds
Coming into the season, Funntasia was the preseason favorite after a crushing defeat in the championship series. So far, they have not disappointed with a Sunday's Men's League Title and the number 1 seed. However, momentum has stalled after suffering a 13-12 loss to Jab in their season finale.
Odds- 8-5

Palpaters has to be the surprise of the season so far. With a 5-1 record, they won the Wednesday night CoRec league over defending champions Tropics. Their reward for winning their league, number #1 overall seed in the playoffs.
Odds- 4-1

Bracket Busters


The People Who Can Hit The Ball Really Far and James- Like their name says, they can hit the ball well. This team might have enough offense to challenge for the title.

Longstrokers- Once again, they have enough offense to make a run through the brackets.

Jab- With the addition of "Big Time" Tim Gould, they are a contender to make it to the championship series.


Knight Riders- They know how to have success in the tournament as they made it to the corec finals last season.

Dem People- They have some of the best girls in the tournament. They will be a team to be to reckon with this year.

Major League Comparison
Ever wonder what MLB team, your squad compares too. Check out list:

Funntasia- New York Yankees
Orange Cannons- Baltimore Orioles
JAB- Boston Red Sox
Longstrokers- Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Profound Spheres- Toronto Blue Jays

We've consulted with the magical softball, and it spit out these two predictions.

We like Funntasia to win the Men's Championship Series over JAB in a two-game sweep.
We like Dem People to upset Tropics in the CoRec title match.

Good Luck Batters!!!

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Anonymous said...

CoRec prediction way off.. Dm People won't make it. Dem People sorry.